[BS/RBS list] RBS Gelt Center - hours; etc.; PSA's - please read

Avraham Elkind avraham.elkind at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 09:20:44 EST 2019

Dear All:

RBS Gelt Center has been operating uninterrupted in the same location for
the last 10+ years.  We are now starting the eleventh year.  You probably
heard about increased regulation and paperwork requirements and limits on
cash transactions, we have clarified it all for you - we would like to
invite you for a visit and see how we can help you to navigate the new
rules and to stretch your funds further and to accomplish more.

RBS Gelt Center opens every day sunday thru friday at 8:30am.
We close at 5pm sunday thru thursday and on fridays we close at noon.
During Chanuka candle-lighting days, we will close at 2:30pm.
We have after hours service, please contact the store for details.

We still offer the health book at cost price (20 & 40 nis).

We would like to put in a good word for our friend Zvi Shimonovich that
recently opened greencorner.co.il - it's an online grocer for ORGANIC
fruits and vegetables delivered STRAIGHT to your doorstep early on Thursday
You need to place the order online by Tuesday mid-day.  The produce is
fresh, clean, amazing taste, not expensive, good quality, I did not
experience any bugs so far.  I realize that most people reading this will
not cut over their households to organic produce, but maybe they will try
to order something to use for Shabos and get a taste of the best of what
the holy land can produce.

With best wishes for a healthy winter and beyond,

Avraham Elkind, Shlomi Aron, Chesky Leibowitz
RBS Gelt Center - Financial services
Local - Trusted - Ontime !

Nahal Nitzanim 1
Merkaz Mischari - RBSA

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