[BS/RBS list] Shabbat Olami / The Shabbos Project THIS SHABBAT!

Kayla Krauss krauss.kayla at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 06:03:01 EST 2019

Hi all,
This coming Shabbat Parshat Vaera will be the global "Shabbos Project", an
initiative started by the Jewish community in South Africa, and will have
over a million participants and thousands of events in over a hundred
countries all over the world.


Anyone can make an event.
Let's figure out ways to bring each other together.

Some ideas:
-A Block Kiddush or Seudat Shlishit
-A special shiur
-A musical melave Malka with the neighbors or at shul
-Get the tnuot noar involved by packaging candles and shabbat times and
giving out at the mall.

Go to their website: www.theshabbosproject.org to create an event or get
ideas and inspiration.

Let's use this opportunity and keep it together!

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