[BS/RBS list] Ride to Asaf Harofe Hospital on Monday

דודי ואביבית פרישמן avivit87 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 03:18:01 EST 2019

Please let me know if you are driving from Bet Shemesh to Asaf Harofe
or back and have room for mother and father of sick baby in Pagiya,
 Monday, leaving around 8 AM or coming back 12-12:30.
If Someone wants to do a huge Mitzva and help a family without a car
we would love to help match drivers to this lovely family.
Asaf Harofe Hospital is located close to Ramle, Reshon Letziyon,
Cholon, Tzomet Tzrifin and is approx. a 40 min drive from Bet Shemesh.
תזכו למצוות,

דודי ואביבית פרישמן


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