[BS/RBS list] Join the class Holy Eating in Cheshvan at Havivian Farmers Market Thursday Nov 14 10am (Rachel Rubin- Bet Shemesh Resident)

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Sun Nov 10 03:00:50 EST 2019

Listen to the Message of the Cheshvan Foods
What are they whispering to us?

Join the class: Holy Eating in Cheshvan
by: Rachel Rubin

*Learn about the Holy Foods & Scents of this month
how to align to the energy of Cheshvan
and transform MAR (bitter) to RAM (an elevated experience)!
* Tastings of Cheshvan Foods
* Handcrafted "50th Level" Natural Perfumes for sales

class by donation 50 NIS
Havivian Organic Farmers Market

for the most delicious produce fresh from field!

This month Mar-Ram Cheshvan is all about transformation -- connecting the
IN and OUT and how to transform the process from bitter to an
elevated-sweet experience. Through holy meditative IN-ing: intaking holy
Cheshvan foods and inhaling holy Cheshvan scents we will have the physical
and spiritual nourishment that will help us in the Mar-Ram Cheshvan-
transformation journey! According to the Sefer Hayetzirah (the book of
formation) the sense for Cheshvan is SMELL, the organ is INTESTINE the
tribe is MENASHE, the letter is NUN, the number is 8, astrological sign
AKRAV. What does it all have to do with our personal transformation? and
Happy Tummy, Skin Deep, and Breath of Life?! Come to the class to find out.

Rachel Rubin Founder of The All Natural Eco Torah Community, environmental
activist, artist, musician, Torah teacher, Tefillah leader, adventurer,
whole-holy food chef, perfumer and healer.
Rachel leads prayer groups, Hallel, ecstatic concerts and jams, musical
meditation workshops, offers nutritional consultation, and composes
delightful healing natural perfumes and mists.

all Natural Eco Torah Community:
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