[BS/RBS list] It's HERE-This Monday Night!!! Annual Likrat Kallah Event!!!

Sadeena Pinhasik saddav2 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 16:38:07 EST 2019

*Monday, November 11*
*At Beis Tefila, Refaim 34*
starting at *7:30*..
*Admission is 35 nis *or a *new gift for a kallah* of equal or more value
 Delicious desserts and salads...every kind you can imagine!!!

Come with your maaser money so you can buy lots of Chinese auction tickets
and raffle tickets-The prizes are amazing.

Enjoy an inspirational speech by Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky.

And know that the whole evening is for you to enjoy while baskng in the
merits of the mitzva of Hachnasat Kallah.
Likrat Kallah, a very proud project of Lemaan Achai, has merited, with
H-shem's help, to assust 4431 brides throughout Israel by giving them 7-10
kitchen basics to begin their new lives-for free!!!!. All new and
beautiful...pots, pans, silverware, dishes, bowls, baking pans,
knives...the things that are so essential to start the kallah's new life
yet sometimes unattainable because the family is experiencing financial

Take a peek at our Chinese auction gifts and then call our traveling
saleslady to buy your tickets now....054 549 6078

Every penny spent is 100% Tzedakah!

*One ticket for  25 nis but if you buy 4 for 100 nis, we throw in another 2
for free.*

*6000 nis off Braces from the Lavi Clinic....compliments of Dr. Gherman*
*5000 nis off any wig at Sara Baila*
*Half Eternity Ring from Tzvi Hager valued at 3300 nis!!!*
*Osher Ad*-*1000 nis* *coupon*
*1000 nis coupon *at *Pirate Adom*
*Dream Card-750 nis coupon*
*Rami Levi-500 nis coupon*
*Best Market-500 nis coupon*
*Kol Hakfuim-500 nis coupon*
*Superpharm-500 nis coupon*
*Katzefet-500 nis coupon!*
*H&M -500 nis coupon*
*Talia's Designer Basics 500 nis*
*Lebo's-600 nis men's suit*
*Nespresso Citiz and Milk machine valued at 1490 nis!*
*Pinsky Jewelers-500 nis coupon*
*Feinschild Jewelers-600 nis coupon*
*Holy Bagels-500 nis coupon*
*Mesubin-500 nis coupon*
*Cafe Rimon-500 nis coupon*

*Daniel Wellington Watch from Gentlemen/Bet Shemesh  *
*Kinar Hotel Getaway-*one night for a couple, including breakfast *compliments
of Travel Deal*
*Dalton Tzimmer Getaway*-in Moshav Dalton-a beautiful Tzimmer, includes
*2 year membership at National Parks*
*Country Swimming-10 entrances*
*Eugene Weisberg-Family outdoor Session*
*Instapix-Family photo shoot and largest print canvas*
*Kobi Extermination and Polishing-600 nis to exterminate your home*
*Simcha Magnets-יש מגנטים- worth 1500 nis!*

*Just look at these raffle gifts! (**1 for 10 nis or 8 for 50 nis)*
*Watches *from Benda Jewelers and Regal Tachshitim
*Falafel* from Falafel Bar Shalom
*Dry cleaning* from Clean n Fresh and Machbeset b'Rama
*Breakfast for two *at Bleeker's Bakery and Greg's
*Coupons for baby products* from Agala b'Rama
*Little Kitty School Bag* from Bags for You
*Sunglasses* from Einit
*Coupons for eyeglasses* from 280 adn Optamali
*Manicures and pedicures* from Devorah Rannells, Devoarh's Lane, Miriam
*Massages* from Forever Fit, Dr. Gina Kirsch , Cornelle Selig and Massage
*Coupons for shoes* from Supernal and Mercaz hanal
*Jewelry* from JE Jewelers, Penina Reichenberg, Gold n Pearl and Stas Levin
*Challah Board *from Otzah Hamelech
*Photo print on largest canva*s from Photo First
*Coupon for clothing*  at Mona Lisa
and so many more!

Thank you to our sponsors-We couldn't do it without your tremendous help!!!
**Double Diamond Sponsors*: *
*Debbie Sassen Financial Planner, *
*Miriam Wapner-*  Miriam Wapner: Marriage and Family Counseling, Life
*Studio MusiKef*
*Leeba Rosenthal of BeSimcha Party Planning and Design *
*Enaya Designs  *

**Diamond Sponsors*: *
Yehudis Schamrot-Acupuncture
Super Pharm, (Big Fashion)
Dr. Jonathan Links
RBS Gelt Center
Now My PC Works. Com
Holy Bagel
Sunrise Realtors
Bet Shemesh Municipality
Gold Insurance

**Gold Sponsors**:
Dr. Brim, Chiropractor
Lili SockShop
J-10 Pizza
Ilan Sivan Gardener

**Silver Sponsors: **
At Your Service Cleaner Referral Service
Feinschild Jewelers
Hakol L'Shulchan

10 anonymous sponsors
 one sponsorship is for: לע״נ חנה רחל בת משה   one is By Jeanette Weinshell
in honor of her 9th year of Aliya and as a merit for  יוסף מנחם בן יהודה

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