[BS/RBS list] What Mini Skirt??

Eric Ezra Rayburn ericrayburn1 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 01:38:35 EST 2019

No, we meant Mini Consult!

Yours Truly has a promotion to help you with donor management or grow the

*Salesforce Mini Consult*

How It Works (Hint: it’s fast & fun Trial!)

In 3 Easy Steps, you’ll see a pathway to delighting your clients and

You get a dedicated Salesforce-certified Administrator/ Consultant who will
schedule two meetings.

         I.            The first is a 45-minute discovery video call, where
you’ll share what you’d love for Salesforce to do for you and show your
current sales process.

       II.            I will then spend an hour making a few custom edits
to your trial or your org.

     III.            The second meeting, a 45-minute delivery video call,
is where I will show you the power of a customized, enhanced Salesforce!

You leave the mini consult seeing in your own Salesforce instance precisely
what your path to productivity is; you’ll learn a few ways to apply
Salesforce directly to your company; you’ll be able to decide on what
future customizations can precisely mean for your profits.

All mini consult clients get the $249 applied to their first Cloud Adoption
Solutions consulting or training engagement.

*Ready To Get Started?*

*Email ericrayburn1 at gmail.com <ericrayburn1 at gmail.com> TODAY*

Serving the Local Bet Shemesh Non-Profit & Small Business Community

small local business

Many Thanks


ericrayburn1 at gmail.com


*Eric Rayburn, Salesforce Consultant**Zoom Meeting*
*P *- 818 627 2026

*Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant*

*Salesforce Certified **Administrator *

*Salesforce Certified Service Cloud ConsultantSalesforce Certified Sales
Cloud Consultant*

*Prodly's **Moover **Salesforce **Field Service Lightning Reference Data
Deployment **Certified *

*Prodly's Moover Salesforce CPQ Reference Data Deployment Certified *


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