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Shifra Friedman shifty at bezeqint.net
Mon Nov 4 15:43:43 EST 2019

Race packet pickup will be at The Benjamin Library, in the Mayerhoff Matnas
on Tuesday and Wednesday between 4pm-8pm
The 2km race starts at 18:45
The 10km race will start at 19:30
The 5km race will start at 19:45
The roads will close as early as 16:00 so plan accordingly and come early.
If you choose to pick up your race packet at the race, you may do so from 17:00 at Neimi. 
Don't come late!!!  It takes time to give them out!!
The area will be full of excitement so come early and enjoy!!
There will be volunteers along the route directing you, as well as signs. 
Here are the three routes:

2K Route
• The run kicks off on Yitzhak Rabin street, in front of the Neimi plaza.
• Then it’s on to Kikar Gandi where we turn right onto Ben Ze’ev Boulevard and head down to Kikar Hatzedek (Levin).  
• We make a U turn at Kikar Hatzedek and head back up to Kikar Gandi. 
• We turn left at Kikar Gandi and return via Yitzhak Rabin to the finish line in front of Neimi!

5K Route
• This is the same route as the 2K, but instead of a U-turn at Kikar Hatzedek, we continue straight down to Kikar Haglobus (corner of Sderot Hadekel and Ben Gurion).  
• We come around Kikar Haglobus and continue straight up Ben Ze'ev to Levi Eshkol.
• We make a right on Levi Eshkol to Kikar Nachman and then make a U turn and continue back on Levi Eshkol.
• At Ben Ze'ev, we make a left.
• We run back to Kikar Gandi, make a right on Yitzhak Rabin and end at Neimi.

10K Route
• Start at Neimi and head to Kikar Gandi.  Make a right on Ben Ze'ev and then down to Kikar Haglobus. 
• Make a U-turn and come back up Ben Ze’ev to Sderot Levi Eshkol. 
• Make a right on Levi Eshkol to Kikar Nahman  
• Make a U turn at Kikar Nachman and go straight on Levi Eshkol Boulevard. 
• 125 meters after the Levi Eshkol-Ben Zeev junction, make a U-turn over the island in the middle of the road and return to the Levi Eshkol Ben-Zeev junction. 
• Turn right on Ben Ze'ev and head BACK to Kikar Haglobus and then make a U-turn and come straight back on Ben Ze'ev to Levi Eshkol.
• Then it’s straight on Levi Eshkol, back to the U-turn over the traffic island on Levi Eshkol.
• Then back to the intersection with Ben Ze'ev and turn right to Ben Ze'ev to Kikar Gandi.
• Right at Kikar Gandi to Yitzhak Rabin Street and finish up at Neimi!
Well done!

Library web site:  http://library.shemesh.co.il/
Library hours: שעות הספרייה
Sun:   16:00-18:45  יום א
Mon:   09:30-12:30 יום ב 
          19:00-22:00 (teens and adults only)
Tues:  14:00-18:45  יום ג
Wed:  16:00-18:45  יום ד
Thurs: 09:30-12:30יום ה 
Phone:  991-8499  טלפון

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