[BS/RBS list] PSA: Picking up Parcels

Rivka Ester Rothstein rivkaest at 012.net.il
Mon Nov 4 09:04:39 EST 2019

The short story is yes, the Dolev post office is open for parcel pick up.

The longer story is that I spent about 15 minutes trying to find the correct
site to make an appointment.

Showed up on time.  The little 'appointment' machine wasn't working.  The
place was mobbed.

People picking up parcels, appointment or not, could just approach the
parcels window.

I waited about 10 minutes, gave him my tofes to get my package, and he said
the package was located at Bereishit in the Merkaz.

Sorry, the tofes had the incorrect info.

I had just been in the merkaz the previous day, but dutifully returned.  The
time was perhaps 11 AM.  They're only open from noon - 8 PM.

But even if he had wanted to help me out, their postal computer was broken
and he was on hold with the Doar for the last 20 minutes.


Additionally, someone sent me a registered letter weeks ago, but I've gotten
no notice from the Post Office.  

They sent me the information from their side and, lo & behold, the letter is
also located at Bereishit.

So, another trip to the merkaz with the hope of retrieving both the parcel
and the letter.  IF their computer is working.


All of which is to say, I would waste my time on the phone to the post
office from the comfort of my own home and have them track whatever you're
expecting prior to venturing forth.


~Rivka Ester Rothstein

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