[BS/RBS list] Stunning new wigs in stock!

Hyman Rachel violetwigs at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 08:05:55 EST 2019

You can now book me on-line at  https://bookme.name/RachelHyman

Many women have sheitals that make them feel uncomfortable or unattractive.
This is because there is an art and skill to styling,fixing,creating and
putting on a sheital. At RH WIGS we specialize in selling COMFORTABLE and
ATTRACTIVE sheitals that are TZANUAH.
Our unique "sheital profiling" system enables us to give you the perfect
sheital that not only looks good but feeels AMAZING and can be worn in
When you buy a sheital from RH WIGS you also receive the following:
A 1 year gaurantee .
A free mini course on how to up keep your shaitel at home.
A gift package which includes the products used by RH WIGS.
40% off your first wash and set.

For a CONSULTATION contact us today on 9922185.
{please leave a message if we do not answer. We will call you back.}

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