[BS/RBS list] Moshe (Mark) Lewitan, D.D.S. Caring Dentistry for Children and Adults

Moshe and Miriam Lewitan mlewitan at neto.net.il
Sun Nov 3 06:48:14 EST 2019


We are located in PARK CENTER third floor Nachal Dolev 19 RBSA

(In the office of Dr. Garalnick)

We accept  Mastercard and Visa


Looking for a Dentist?

Do you or your child feel a lack of control during treatment?

Do you like to understand what the dentist is going to do beforehand?

If any of the above is true call

Dr. Moshe (Mark) Lewitan


Reasonable prices-Flexible payment plans

Serving the RBS/BS communities for over 25 years

Hours by appointment

(02) 995-2707

Park Center Third floor

Nachal Dolev, RBS A


Allergic to latex? We use only latex free gloves!





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