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Meir Wise meirhwise at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 14:25:47 EDT 2019

I have the following as new Books for sale (all at 40 shekels unless stated otherwise) buy 4 and get one free!

The Works of Josephus . Winston

The Judean Scrolls and Karaism. Naftali Wieder

The Mishnah. Berachot, Peah, Demai. Rav Yakov Herzog.

The Pharisees. Travers Herford

The Talmud and Apocrypha. Travers Herford

The Chosen. Chaim Potok

Hooray for Yiddish. Leo Roston

The Psalms. Rabbi Eli Cashdan

Reachings. Haber 

The Sabbath. Rabbi Dr I Grunfeld

Mother of Royalty. Y Bacharach 

The Rosh Hashana Anthology

Soncino...psalms, Ezra and Nehemiah, kings

Types of Jewish Piety. Buchler 

The Faith of Judaism. Epstein

Seeker of Unity. Jacobs

Rashi. Bonochek

Immanuel Jakobovits. Bermant

In the Service of God. Freedman

Generation to Generation. Twerski

A People that Dwells Alone. Yaakov Herzog

To Save a World. Kranzler

Selected Poems of Solomon Ibn Gabirol

The Aryeh Kaplan Reader

Twerski on Spirituality

The Fire within. Goldberg.

Hebrew-English dictionary.

The World of Josephus. G A Williamson

Pesikta Rabbati. Braude. Yale. 2 vols.

Studies in Jewish History. Buchler.

An Anthology of Medieval Hebrew Literature. Millgram

The Antiquities of the Jews. Josephus.

The Holy Letter. Cohen. Ktav.

Poems. Yehuda Halevi

Poems. Ibn Gabirol

Judaism. Epstein

A Rocky Road Memories. Abraham Levy.

The Teacher. Kolitz 

Yoel Rakover talks to God

The Yeshiva. Chaim Grade.

Ibn Ezra to Isaiah. English translation.

The five Megillah. Artscroll.

The Ethical Writings of Maimonides

The Medical Writings of Maimonides. Rosner.

Jewish bioethics. Rosner & Bleich

Meditation and Kabbala. Kaplan

Modern medicine and Jewish ethics. Rosner.

Jewish ethics and Halacha. Herring. 2 vols

Peshat in Talmudic and midrashic literature. Frankel

Talmud and midrash. Strack

Mishnah Berachot. Translation and commentary.

The Doctrine of the Messiah in medieval Jewish literature. Sarachek 

The 613 commandments. Cohen

The Bahir. Kaplan

Kabbalah of Creation. Klein

The Sassoons. Jackson

Polin. Jewish in early modern Poland

The Quest for Authenticity. The thought of Reb Simchah Bunim. Rosen.

The Temple Mount revisited. Reznik 

Ibn Ezra on Isaiah. Friedlander

Faith strengthened . Isaac Troki

Love and terror in the God Encounter. Rav Soloveitchik.

Faith and Folly. Rav Yaakov Hillel.

Faith after the holocaust. Eliezer Berkovits.

The Stregnth of my Heart. Israel Brodie. Signed copy.

Bible Studies. Samuel Daiches.

Studies in Jewish theology. Marmorstein 

Seforno on pirkei avot. English translation.

Everyday holiness. The path of mussar.

Protecting our litvak heritage. Josef Rosin

Exploding Myths that Jews believe. Rosen.

The Rabbinate as Calling and Vocation. Herring.

Halachik positions of Rabbi J B Soloveitchik. 2 vols

Man of faith in the modern world. Soloveitchik. 2 vols 

The halachik mind. Soloveitchik

The Rav speaks. Soloveitchik.

Man of Halacha. Man of faith. Soloveitchik.

Major themes in modern philosophy of Judaism. Eliezer Berkovits

Shiurei ha Rav.Soloveitchik.

And from there you shall seek. Soloveitchik.

The monthly Halacha discussion. Rav Neustadt.

The Light beyond Rav Aryeh Kaplan

Shemittah and Yovel. Dayan Grunfeld.

Challenge. Torah views on science. Various.

Encounter. Torah and modern life. Various.

Torah umadda. Rabbi Nachum Lamm

Unto my people. Rav Amiel

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