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Aryeh Sonnenberg aryehsonnenberg at gmail.com
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I know that's a provocative subject line, but it's true, and it's relevant
to breast cancer and to many other medical issues.

What I am about to write is relevant ONLY if you have private Israeli
health insurance. If you don't, then you can skip this message.

A recent Israeli law may prevent your ability to have a specific surgeon
perform on you. According to this recent law, if you visited a surgeon as
part of the Kuppat Cholim experience (not paid privately), and then you
subsequently need surgery, you CANNOT use that same doctor for the surgery.
Even if if you have private insurance, you CANNOT use that doctor for the
surgery. You either need to go through the Kuppah and then get a "random"
doctor or resident, or you can start over by again paying a doctor
privately and then hiring that doctor privately to perform the surgery.

I am not writing about who is actually paying for the surgery, as that may
be subsidized by the Kuppah or private health insurance. I am talking about
your choice of doctors.

Let me illustrate with a very recent, true story.

We recently had a potential medical issue, and after asking around, went to
a local Kuppat Cholim surgeon doctor with an excellent reputation.
After testing, etc., it was determined that surgery was needed. (BH, we are
after it now, and all are great, BH!)
We very much wanted this same Kuppah doctor to perform the surgery.
We went to a pre-surgery meeting with the doctor at Shaarei Tzedek, and had
decided to move forward.
However, after talking to the hospital's private physician service
(Sharap), they told us that we could not have this doctor perform the
surgery, under any circumstances (and the doctor would be fined 14,000 NIS
if she did)! This was a huge shock, at a difficult time.

In the end, we decided to start over again, with a private meeting with
another physician from the same department, and then surgery with him. BH,
all is well.

In the meantime, however, we underwent much "suffering" and deliberation
whether this doctor was good, whether we should allow a resident to perform
the procedure with "our" doctor looking on, and many other issues.

It is THIS suffering that you can prevent, and here is how:

If you would plan to use your private health insurance to hire a surgeon,
and if you even THINK that you might end up with surgery (hernia, or any
kind), then you should do one of the following:

* Meet with the surgeon that you would want to perform the surgery on a
PRIVATE BASIS, not with a hitchayvut or referral from the Kuppat Cholim.
This way, you can then use them privately later.
* Meet with a different surgeon to make the initial diagnosis via the
Kuppat Cholim. Then, you can use anyone you want privately (but you may not
be as interested in the opinion of that different surgeon).

I am happy to answer questions, but only after you read this 2-3 times. Due
to the complexities involved, I may not be able to answer, and of course, I
take ZERO responsibility for this information. There are signs up in the
hospitals and perhaps even in some doctor offices. They are in Hebrew, and
they may mean nothing to you until it's too late.

This applies regardless of your Kuppat Cholim.

I hope you will never need this information, and that you remain healthy
until 120! Please read the PS, too.

Aryeh Sonnenberg

PS: If a woman has a mammogram and there is something suspicious on it, she
may need to see a specialist/surgeon in order to get a hitchayvut fr a
biopsy or other tests needed. If that specialist is the same surgeon that
she would want to use privately to perform a surgery (if needed, chas
veshalom), then she would not be able to do so.


Aryeh Sonnenberg

"Har HaBayit - the Heart of the Jewish Nation"
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