[BS/RBS list] infested Weetabix

Ruth posnruth at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 05:13:35 EDT 2019

I would complain to the importer-the shop manager may say-well it
happens-take another box! The importers, whose name and contact info should
be on the box, will ask for the code/ sell by date/where you bought it.
They rarely ask to send them the infested product.

Best to phone direct.They are more likely to send an apology and offer a
nice credit note.

As I recall, the Weetabix in Israel is not wrapped up and sealed inside the
box. That which we buy in the UK - is!

I wrote to Weetabix about the appearance of bugs in packets of Weetabix
cereal bought locally and received a prompt reply. It might be worth
complaining to the shops where it was bought. Is it possible to trace the
problem to importers or wholesalers?

      Unfortunately, in the absence of a sample for examination it really
is impossible for us to offer a clear and definitive      explanation.

      Please be assured that in our factories regular inspections are
conducted and machinery is dismantled and deep cleaned.  Specialist hygiene
staff clean continually to minimise any risk to food standards. In addition,
doors and windows are screened and electronic flying insect units, the type
you find with ultra violet tubes, are positioned around our factories. We
take this matter very seriously indeed and leave nothing to chance. I can
confirm that the oven temperatures at which the biscuits are baked are too
high for any insect to survive.

      We are confident that products leave our premises in perfect
condition for both our retailers and consumers, we are unable to control the
storage facilities of the retailers in which they are kept and how long they
are kept for. We do our best to educate the retailers, our merchandisers
keep an eye on the retailers' shelves for any obvious signs of

      Whilst we are unable to comment further please be assured our sole
aim is to produce breakfast cereals which consistently meet our Consumers
standards of excellence. We would never knowingly put our consumers at risk;
our reputation has been earned over many years and is too valuable to

C M Fletcher

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