[BS/RBS list] Rosh Chodesh Musical Tefillat Shachrit for Women- Open up the gates of Abundance with tefillah and song!

Rachel Rubin rubinr at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 08:38:05 EST 2019

Join for a very special
Rosh Chodesh Shachrit for women
9:00 am!! Singing our Prayers!
at the Moshav!

The secret Queen Esther teaches us - how to open all the gates!
Call out אלי אלי!
Bezrat Hashem we will showered with abundance!! simcha, redemption,
healing, Adar- Ani Hashem Rofecha

I will be leading iy'h shachrit with song and meditations!

I hope you will join. https://www.facebook.com/events/138517607100006/

Here's the schedule

Rosh Chodesh ADAR Aleph women-gathering
at Moshav Me’Or (mevo) Modi’im
Tuesday feb.5th, Lammed be' Shvat 5779
~this 13th month is the gate for those who don’t have one….

9:00 am The secret key of Queen Esther - Sing Your Prayers! אלי אלי Women's
Davening Shacharit

10.00 the hidden yoga teacher unveiled: come out, stretch, dance!

11.00 Meira Ra’anan:”Stepping in Queen Esther’s shoes” (part 1)

11.25 Neila Carlebach: The Queen and the Monkey

12.00 Chaya Lester: ‘The Esther Test: Claim your domain’

12.50 H A L L E L

13.15 Pot-luck lunch-bring your delightful simple vegan dishes!

13.35 Rebbetzen Emuna Witt Halevi: reb Shlomo’s teachings and beyond

14.00 Leah Golomb: deep, deep lessons in how to find your gate…

let us know if you have place in your car or if you need a place,

may all our holy captured soldiers and brothers come home, in health, now,
may the whole world choose life- Chafets Chaim,

leah rivkah sand soetendorp 0523 240 789

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