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Mon Jan 28 16:29:54 EST 2019

Torah website - Eretz Yisrael Yomi


We hope you are enjoying divrei torah on Eretz Yisrael Yomi.

Enter  <https://www.eretzyisraelyomi.com/eng> https://www.eretzyisraelyomi.com/eng and enjoy the shiurim in English.

For the Hebrew shiurim, enter  <https://www.eretzyisraelyomi.com/> https://www.eretzyisraelyomi.com


This week for Parshat Mishpatim:

For English

Am Yisrael’s development and Shalosh Regalim (Chumash:Parsha)


Sanctity of the Land and Sanctity of Time (Series-Kuzari)




(חומש-פרשה) פרשת משפטים: התפתחות עם ישראל ושלושת הרגלים




קדושת הארץ וקדושת הזמן (סדרה-כוזרי)



We would be happy if you can encourage family and friends to visit the web-site as well.

Also, sponsoring a dvar torah or being a week sponsor in order to support Eretz Yisrael Yomi, would be greatly appreciated. 

This is a project of divrei torah on Eretz Yisrael and gives young men an opportunity to write and present the divrei torah. 

It is the perfect opportunity to either celebrate a loved one's special occasion or to remember a relative's yahrzeit.


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