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Nadlan Town News:


Israel Tax Authority revises residence purchase tax rates, the new rates are
as follows:

The minimum threshold for this tax is now NIS 1,696,750; a sole residence
purchased for less than this is exempt from purchase tax


The tax rate for a purchaser who does not own another housing unit ranges
from 3.5% to 10%.

The tax rate for a purchaser who already owns a housing unit ranges from 8%
to 10%.


For Sale in RBS A:

4 rm , Ein Gedi, near Ramat Shilo, big front paved yard and private
entrance, priced to sell NIS 1,330,000

Plot of land in Mishkafayim, 350 sqm can build a free standing  villa right
away , unique location, NIS 2,100,000

5 rm on M3, large salon and porch, parking and storeroom, must be seen! NIS

5 rm on Ein Gedi, Ramat Shilo, large porch,covered parking, keen vendors!
NIS 1,950,000 Make an offer!

4 rm Lachish, private entrance, magnificent view, legal option for extra
room , BARGAIN NIS 1,399,000  SOLD

4 rm HaBsor, large salon, view, storeroom & pkg NIS 1,595,000

3 rm Nizanim, suitable for handicapped, option to add extra room, storeroom
NIS 1,330,000

6 rm penthouse, Yarkon, 2 large succa porches, view NIS 2,250,000

5 rm penthouse, Dolev, view, well kept, 3rd floor, no elevator ,  great
location NIS 1,650,000

5 rm (1 small) Yarkon, huge garden and succa porch, option to expand NIS

4 rm , Revivim, very invested, quiet location, NIS 1,590,000


For Rent RBS A:

4 rm Lachish , duplex, private entrance, beautiful view, 3 air exposures ,
from 15/2/19 NIS 4,500 Flex

2rm unit on Kishon, near the merkaz, 42 sqm, private entrance and little
yard, a/c , airy & light , NIS 2,700  will not last long!

4 rm on Rephaim, garden, , long term only, soragim, lift, parking, machsan ,
from 1/4/19 

7 rm duplex on Dolev with a wrap around garden (feels like a vila more than
an apartment , invested , immediate NIS 7,800 Flex 

5 rm magnificent  and spacious penthouse with high end finishes available
for long term rent in Ramat Shilo (close to mercaz), from 15/2/19 NIS 7,500

4 rm on Dolev, central, view, immediate NIS 4,500

4 rm on Kishon, well kept, immediate NIS 4,200 flex

4.5 rm on dolev, airy and bright,a/c, very central, immediate NIS 4,500

4 rm on Nitzanim, very central, magnificent view, quiet location, also
suitable for office NIS 4,300 


Office for rent park Center RBS A:

Shared office, ideal for person that  wants quiet working environment NIS
750 + VAT per rmonth

Single office approx. 12 sqm NIS 1,100 + VAT per month


Offices for Rent in RBS A:

25 sqm  in Shvil Hagichon , 1.5 rooms, a/c , bathroom & kitchenette NIS
1,500 p/m

14 sqm, central , attached parking space , immediate


For Sale RBS G:

Duplex 4 bedroom apartment, near merkaz, private entrance with large garden.
A/C, quite street


4 rm Yirmiahu,, low floor, huge porch, magnificent view, NIS 1,599,000

6 rm on yirmiahu, 210 sqm' spectacular view, must be seen!! NIS 2,120,000

5 rm on Yoel, 120 sqm, large salon, parking. Bargain!!only NIS 1,650,000

4 rm, Yechezkel, big rooms, storeroom, flex , NIS 1,520,000

5 rm ,Achia HaShiloni, huge succa porch, view, big storeroom NIS 1,750,000

6.5 rm Achia HaShiloni, 4 bathrooms, huge salon & kitchen , NIS 2,100,000

5 rm, Yechezkel, luxurious building, storeroom NIS 1,650,000


For Rent on RBS  G1:

5 rm duplex on Nachum, large salon and garden, immediate NIS 5,200 immediate

5 rm on Neriah, 1st floor, large porch, storeroom and pkg NIS 4,000


For Rent RBS G2:

4 rm on,Miriam,  2 porches a/c  immediate, BARGAIN!! NIS 3,600

3 rm on, Miriam, immediate NIS 3,000

5 rm on Miriam, ground floor, new, immediate , NIS 4,200

5 rm on Miriam, low floor, 4 air exposures, storeroom, Bargain!! NIS 3,900 


For Sale Sheinfeld:

3 rm on Shiftei Isarel, large new kitchen , big rooms,90 sqm,  well  kept
and invested , priced to sell! NIS 1,370,000 Make an offer!!

4 rm pentouse, succa porch, option to expand, Bargain NIS 1,399,000

4 rm, shiftei Israel, invested & well kept, NIS 1,550,000 SOLD!


For Rent Shenifeld:

4.5 rm. Rashi, airy & brigh, invested, view NIS 4,200 flex NIS 4,200

2.5 rm, renovated, small garden, private entrance, 60 bsqm NIS 3,200

5 rm duplext on gad,a/c 2 succa porches , from 1/10/18 Nis 5,200 RENTED OUT


For Rent Givat Sharet:

4 rm on savyion, opposite Sheinfeld close to makolet and buses, low floor,
immediate NIS 3,500


For Sale Ramat Neriah:

4 rm Rabbi Yannai, suitable for handicapped, magnificent view, storeroom,
NIS 1,650,000


For Rent Ramat Neriah:

5 rm, large salon, from 1/1/19 NIS 3,800 bargain!



For Rent Givat Savyion:

3 rm . on cul-de-sak , 98 sqm, new NIS 3,800

7rm on quiet cul-de-sac NIS 6,800

2.5 rm unit with master bedroom NIS 2,800

(possible to rent both together)

1 big rm , approx. 30 sqm with private yard NIS 2,200


For Rent Ramat Neriah:

2 rm unit, suitable for handicapped/couple 40 sqm, furnished NIS 2,500
including  arnona and water 



We also have properties in the old Beit Shemeh, Givat Sharet, Nofei


We constantly need new homes for sale and rent in all areas of Bet Shemesh
for serious clients, please contact us!


Setting the standards in real estate...            19 years of honesty &
integrity in BS/RBS speak for itself.... !!


Nadlan Town Real Estate Ltd.

Under the management of Dan Sivan

Cell: 0528966807  office: 9999 456


Website: www.nadlantown.com

Phase book:  https://www.facebook.com/NadlanTownRealty













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