[BS/RBS list] Pelvic Floor Strength Seminar

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Sun Jan 20 08:48:13 EST 2019

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*How is YOUR PELVIC FLOOR doing these days??!!!   Need a bit more strength
and support there?  Kena hora- You've had a few babies, or your in the
wisdom years of menopause, OR, just just plain don't have strength there,
ie:  SNEEZING and Peeing simultaneously! ;  Not able to keep good standing
and sitting posture?;  Feeling a lot of gravity down there, and simply
can't hold your muscles when necessary?   JOIN US for a Pelvic Floor
Seminar--  We will teach you the keys to PELVIC FLOOR STRENGTHENING... FOR
ALL LIFE STAGES: pregnancy, child rearing, and onto Menopause.*
**** You will leave with three exerciises you can practice anywhere,
safely, and effectively!!!!*

*WHEN: Tuesday, January 22, 10:30-1 (AM)  *

*                                                   8-9:30 (PM)*
*WHERE: BeWell Women's Health Studio- *
*                Nachal Nachson 2A/8 (RBS A)*
*WHO: Michaela Rosenfeld- Licensced Acup*
*    Shaina Hammer- Doula, LCSW*
*    Shelley Kramer- Group Exercise Specialist*

*  30 shek/ REGISTRATION Appr*eciated but not required:)
WhatsApp/SMS 058-600-1836
Bewellness613 at gmail.com

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