[BS/RBS list] Avigails swim , WSI and Lifeguard School starting classes now

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LET your kids learn how to swim and have fun while doing so.
*Private  lessons for  female  adult, teenagers or children  *
*Small groups  individual attention given to every child*
30 years of teaching  SWIMMING AND LIFEGUARDING

Lifeguard-pro International   certification courses starting soon for boys\
Builds self confidence   many jobs available   in USA all  05841-52018

*Course Description: *This certification will qualify you to supervise a
swimming pool of 12 feet depth or less. This course is most commonly chosen
by individuals who seek to earn a Lifeguard certification and intend to
work as a Lifeguard at a swimming pool with a maximum depth of 12 feet or
less. Note, 95% or more of all swimming pools are 12 deep or less.

Lifeguard-Pro thoroughly trains its lifeguards. Our Lifeguard Swimming Pool
certification course,   (12 feet depth or less),

*Course Includes:* This course is a full Lifeguard certification course,
which includes

·         Lifeguard Swimming Pool Course--26.0 hrs.

·         CPR/AED for the Healthcare Provider Course--6.0 hrs.

·         First Aid Basics Course--4.0 hrs.

*Course Prerequisites: *Prior to enrolling in this course, the
certification candidate must be able to satisfy the following requirements:

·         15 Years of age or older (with minors consent form for those
under 18)

·         Ability to swim 300 meters (325 yards) without stopping (there is
no time limit)

·         Ability to tread water for five minutes

·         Ability to dive to a depth of four meters (12 feet)

Also  you can and extra money by becoming a WSI (Water Safety Instructor)

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