[BS/RBS list] 59 West Deli - Taking orders daily w/ FREE Delivery on orders over 100nis!

The Eisenbergs debiisac at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 11:32:59 EST 2019

59 WEST DELI! NY Authentic Deli!
Isaac's handcrafted meats freshly sliced thin & vacuum packed in boilable, microwavable 200 gram packages, unless specified otherwise.
Corned Beef,  Smoked Corned Beef, Pastrami, Pastrami 2nd cut,  Roast & Smoked Brisket 50 nis. per 200 grams pack
Pickled Tongue, 60 nis. per 200 grams pack
Moist Turkey Breast - Roast or Smoked 40 nis. per 200 grams pack
FLAVORS THIS WEEK! Teryaki/Spicy, Lemon Pepper, BBQ., Sino Steak, 20 nis. Snack Pack, 3 for 50 nis
SALADS/SIDES - 20 nis. 1/2 litre, 40 nis. 1 liter
Cole Slaw
Deli Potato salad
Cucumber salad
Mustard Dill Cucumber salad
Macaroni salad
Kasha W Bowties
MEAT SIDES - 25 nis. 1/2 liter & 45 nis. 1 liter
Pastrami fried rice
Pastrami fried cabbage & noodles
Cholent with Kishke
Deli/Sandwich Platters w Mustard/Dressing 50 nis. per person
Platters with Salads, Bread/Rolls, 60 nis. per person
Super Munchy Pastrami Rugalech - Made to order for your event, 4 nis. each ( Minimum 50 pcs. )
Cholent For your Kiddush and Smachot in your home or Shul.
FREE DELIVERY DAILY in Bet Shemesh/ RBS & RBSG for orders over 100 nis.
Under Hashgacha of Taam Kosher, Rav Don Channen of RBS
WhatsApp OR CALL!! 0522-55-99-39 or 058-599-2912
https://www.facebook.com/59Wes [https://www.facebook.com/59WestDeli?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBSEUL3HVHlZGLvptxg6xxktN7TeivkPle7i7QXcNcI3XJe6tOJN8KhYb4HGzCsFpfd3uWCEnUjTYGJxsb0_y6Xlx3ApIJEqME94e5QyrwgmiUL0ZHCo7XWR2JOqvsy5IoLQUtYs4GCnDiXmBdqOfPh8jNgMxCTtAUOCTi7JxNoLz6oc2u14w_2jcoKNXGZIQz-Ho-Ylt51xDRS5h125-bWJ_rItpg0_lz42CbnuXCPFl3oNzWMTQKqmz5jrKbNGJViHnYFyZWpgs5M-PKgsC8mbQtxi2aagoCBxzBsHjxDaUcFID2oDJOm3wPJIssKQ6zDLangtCcttArVL2skQZo_&__tn__=-UK-R]tdeli

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