[BS/RBS list] rav genack shiur this thursday night

Mike Greenwald Mike.g at carestrong.com
Fri Jan 11 02:56:56 EST 2019


The Community Beit Medrash Program, of Givat Sharet, Beit Shemesh, is pleased to present a Leil Iyun.  

What:  The next event will be a “Leil Iyun”  

When/Where:  8:15pm, Thursday Jan 17th, at Kehilat Nofei Hashemesh  

Who: Rav Menachem Genack, shlita (CEO of OU Kashrut Division and close Talmid of Rav Soleveichik)  

Program schedule:   	8:15pm – Shiur with Rav Menachem Genack – “Torah and Reminiscences of the Rav: The Mitzvot of Kriat Shema and Tefilin” 	9:15pm – Maariv 	9:30pm - Kibbud 

Shiur will be in English and are open to men and women.  Marei Mekomot will be provided.  Sponsorships available  

For more info contact: info at betshemeshtorah.org or call Brian Thau 052-257-3109, Mark Watson 050-871-1311 or Mike Greenwald 058-789-2000  


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