[BS/RBS list] Please Open Your Hearts to Anat who is Stuck in Haifa because of her Surgery, and the Trial of the Person who Injured Her

ירוחם אסטריכר yeru1978 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 06:20:46 EST 2019

Shalom to the Generous Citizens of Bet Shemesh,

Thank you for all of the generous donations to Anat Nagar ben Shabbat,
which have been donated in the past.

Anat is in Haifa awaiting surgery on the injury to her arm, and she feels
isolated and lonely.

She must remain in Haifa also in order to be available for the trial of the
person who broke her arm, which is now causing her so much anguish.

Of course, Anat has no financial resources to rely upon, with her only
income being a small stipend from Bituach Leumi which isn't even enough to
cover all of her medications.

Therefore, Anat relies on donations from the public to have a bit of money
for her needs, and it is a great Mitzvah to help her.

As always, DONATIONS can be made in the following ways:

1. Transfers to the Anat Nagar ben Shabbat Bank Account at Bank HaDoar (the
Postal Bank), Branch #001, Account #3154052

2. At the Gelt Center money-changers whose office is opposite the Klalit
Health Fund offices in the RBS-Alef shopping center.

With best wishes to all,

Yeruham Estreicher [054-4882116]
ירוחם אסטריכר
נייד: 0544882116

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