[BS/RBS list] I found a bargain..see where!!

sunsurfer44 at yahoo.com sunsurfer44 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 08:27:25 EST 2019

I was at Alegria at Naimi on Friday. Though the food is truly delicious and not all that expensive,they offer a coupon with 10% off for Shabbat take-out!  Watch out for it on the Shemesh List! 

Needing a special gift, I shmied around Mishkan Hatchelet, opposite Naimi until I found something really unique. When I came to pay, I mentioned the Shemeshphone ad and I was told- in that case you have a 10% discount!

Both can be found in Shemeshphone and Shemesh on-line.Please mention this should you decide to use their good service!

BTW the Iryah has now installed the new in-the-ground rubbish bins all along Derech Rabin! Goodbye to the unsanitary green 'frogs'!


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