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Thu Jan 3 07:22:10 EST 2019

 Attention all British Citizens or residents:

Dear fellow member of Klal Yisroel,

As you will have heard, the future of chinuch in England is facing
difficult challenges.

Next year, regulations will be put to parliament about the teaching of
relationship education (RSE).  Much of the expected teaching of RSE is in
sharp contradiction to the ethos and values in a Torah school.

People of other faiths have similar concerns, and have started a
parliamentary petition.

Please take one minute off your busy schedule to sign the petition using
the link below:


When the petition reaches 100,000 signatures it will get debated in
parliament and will get an official government response.

May Hakodosh Boruch Hu repay you for doing your part for Tinokos Shel Beis

With best wishes,
The Team at Chinuch UK

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