[BS/RBS list] Would like to do something about superbus

Rivka-Yael Sherman ryd089 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 05:29:36 EST 2019

I would like to arrange some kind of letter, with signatures from other
residents in beit shemesh and Ramat beit shemesh, to the appropriate
parties regarding the driving violations that accur on a regular basis by
many of the superbus drivers in our city.

I am referring to violations that cause huge inconvenience to the
passengers as well as endangering them, such as:
When the driver doesn't pull in close to the side walk of the bus stop, but
rather far from it, sometimes even stopping in the middle of the road all
together. Which in turn means passengers must rush into the street to
ascend onto the bus, including mother's like myself pushing strollers, who
are forced to lift the stroller onto the bus. I see parents with strollers
and toddlers getting onto busses in this manner and it infuriates me. And
no one says anything because it falls on deaf ears.
It is infuriating because it is quite a high step into the bus, and it was
designed to fit perfectly next to the side walk, specifically to avoid
passengers having to step up or down such a steep step.

Other violations and/or simple bad driving include speeding,  consistently
stopping short and causing passengers of all ages to fly across the bus or
out of their seats, no patience for allowing passengers to make their way
off a crowded bus, not slowing down long enough to see if there are people
waiting at a bus stop, etc.
If you would like to participate please contact me. I think we can make a
change if we are consistent and involve the correct authorities.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rivka Yael Sherman

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