[BS/RBS list] GE American stove/oven for sale!! Looks and works like new. Great opportunity!!

yael kahn nitzan4rent at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 04:28:15 EST 2019

We did a personal import to bring over our GE oven because it is sooo nice
to have a big oven and space between burners on top.

It is *white.  It works and looks great!*  We are selling to have the right
size for space in new kitchen. 2,500 nis OBO,

This GE can last for more years than a new oven today because it was made
to last (unlike today's)!!


one orthopedic (almost new - 80 cm.)  Asking price: 150 nis OBO

 one very thick "sponge"-type (older but looks good 83 cm.)  Asking price:
50 nis OBO

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