[BS/RBS list] Continue the legacy of R. David Avraham Spektor zt'l

Sharon Rottman rottman at shemesh.co.il
Tue Feb 26 07:20:01 EST 2019

Sefer Hagabai is a highly practical book, relevant to the Gabaim on any
Shul. The book was written by R. Spektor zt'l in two editions, one in
Hebrew and one in English. The Hebrew edition has been sold out. It was
printed by Machon Rabbanai Hayishuvim and they would like to print another
run of 500 books.

To see more information about this excellent Sefer click the link below

This is an opportunity to help continue R. Spektor's work and make a
dedication in honor or memory of a loved one. 10,000 ns is needed ,
contributions of 1,000ns will enable you to place a dedication in the Sefer.

Please contact Rav Yitzchak Rodrig 0548051454.

Tizku Lemitzvot

Sharon Rottman

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