[BS/RBS list] Finally affordable housing... A home in Israel for just ₪695,000 and only ₪75,000 in cash needed!

dov jakobs dov at kfareden.com
Tue Feb 26 02:37:53 EST 2019

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For many people, buying a home in Israel will always remain a dream. While
housing in general is expensive, it’s the 25% minimum cash equity that
keeps lots of people away from their dream of owning a home in Israel.

While the 25% may keep a lot of people out, even those who can scrape
together the required 25% soon learn that in reality it’s closer to 38%!
(once you add purchase tax, madad, lawyers, brokers, kitchen, air
conditioning, appliances, and upgrades and changes).

Everyone should be able to own a home in Israel.

With Kfar Eden, everyone can. All that’s needed is ₪75,000 in cash and you
have a home in Israel!

For the first 20 families, homes will start at just ₪695,000! The purchase
price is all inclusive. Including a real kitchen with Bosch appliances and
Tadiran inverter air conditioning. There are no lawyer fees, no broker
fees, and no purchase tax!

It gets better, forget about paying a mortgage each month. When you live at
Kfar Eden, you’ll receive a tax rebate of up to ₪42,000 a year! That more
than covers your mortgage and even leaves over money to spend on your other

No, this is not a fantasy. It’s real.


   A home in Israel for ₪695,000 that’s all inclusive

   Amazing amenities

   Just ₪75,000 in cash needed

   Receive ₪42,000 a year in tax rebates

Even better, Kfar Eden, a planed private gated community of 500 homes will
include incredible amenities including a full service business center,
fitness center, 2 swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, a baseball
field, playgrounds, large community center complex, running track, kids
game room.

Kfar Eden is located in Ofakim. Ofakim is a well developed city in the
south with a train line to Tel Aviv and connecting to the rest of Israel.
There are Dati Leumi and Haredi school, shuls. There is shopping kosher
restaurants, youth groups.

Just think how much easier life will be without the huge strain of a
mortgage and realizing the dream of owning your own home in Israel.

For more info visit https://www.kfareden.com/

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