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How a Health Coach SAVED my life!!!

     “I was struggling with your average health complaints of a woman:
couldn’t lose WEIGHT and keep it off, LOW ENERGY, sugar CRAVINGS, terrible
SLEEP ISSUES,  DEPRESSION at times, ANXIETY that seemed to always pop up at
the least convenient times, and a few more private struggles.   My doctors
didn’t help much, although they tried.  I just couldn’t get through this
with pills and ‘eating less’.  NOTHING WAS WORKING!!

      Until my best friend arranged an appointment for me with a health
coach.  I thought that was a waste also, but she already paid for the
session... so I went.  And it was THE BEST CHOICE I’ve ever made in my
health adventures!!!!  Michaela was amazing and took me through every step
of the process; one goal at a time.  Long story short: I LOST 46 lbs, don’t
have anxiety anymore, sleep like a log now, and was able to lower several
medications!  She did use acupuncture, which I was able to get over my fear
of needles with!  And she understood all of my blood work, and used it to
design my nutrition and supplement regimen perfectly!!!!!   It wasn’t even
such a burden with all her tips and tricks, and SERIOUS MOTIVATION!

     I though health coaching was a luxury.  Now I understand how it
works... and it is A NECESSITY!!!”

   B.L. - Jerusalem

This is an anonymous testimonial from a health coaching client, and there
are so many possibilities waiting for you and your health goals!

Michaela Malky Rosenfeld MAc

   Licensed Acupuncturist

    Certified Health Coach


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