[BS/RBS list] Seeking a host for shiur

Banot HaMelech 26songbirds at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 06:55:27 EST 2019

New and exciting weekly shiur about connecting with Geula, with every shiur dedicated to reconnecting to the Geula in the path of Torah.   Here are a sample of four shiurim 

Week 1.   Yirat Shemayim / Ol Malchut
Week 2.   Tefila and Brachot
Week 3.    Ahavat Yisrael / Sinat Chinam
Week 4.    Performance of mitzvot / The mitzvot of Geula

Looking for a host for the weekly shiur.  Shiur will be about 30 minutes each with questions and answers to follow.   Shiur is for men and women ages 15 and above (and any children who behave like adults).   Anyone willing to host the shiur please contact Peretz at 058-707-3915 or at rubymgmt at gmail.com.

Given by Peretz Teller

You can see some of Peretz Teller's previous shiurim on Youtube here:


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