[BS/RBS list] Shmura spelt matzah for Seder night

Andy Behr behr.andy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 22:15:03 EST 2019

Looking to share a box with someone as i only need 3-4 pieces. Lmk if you
are interested.

*Hand Spelt shmura matzot Kiseh Rachamim *They are under the hashgacha of
the Rav Mazuz of the Bedatz Mishpat VeTzedek, Rav Mordechai Gross
(BneiBrak)*  1
Kilo (13-14 Matzot) 190 NIS ,                   *

*                                              1/2 Kilo (6-7 Matzot) 105
NIS **.*

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