[BS/RBS list] Please help support the only Chatzos Kollel in RBS A

Peretz & Chavi Rubel rubelc at 013.net
Sun Feb 24 14:30:45 EST 2019

As we usher in Rosh Chodesh Adar next week and read Parshas Shekalim this coming Shabbos, we are reminded that Haman was told "Kidmu Shekaleihem es Shekalecha", that specifically the mitzvah of Tzedaka was what gave Klal Yisrael the upper hand against Haman and his wicked plans. How appropriate it would be in these holy days to give over a few holy Shekalim in helping to support the only Chatzos Kollel in RBS A.

Rav Naftali HaRambam, a very special person, who masquerades as a barber during the day at Sapar BaRama on Nachal Dolev (in true – “only in Israel” - form),  has been single handedly running and supporting the only Kollel Chatzos here in RBS A for the past 8 years. 

While most of the neighborhood is sleeping, a group of very select Talmidei Chachamim gather each night, 6 nights a week, from 1 AM until Shacharis Lfi HaNeitz, to spend their evenings in the study of Torah, in the recital of Tikkun Chatzos, Tehillim, and in other special avodos throughout the night, until daybreak. 

While this is not necessarily the place to expound and elaborate on the virtues of davening and studying Torah at the precious time of Chatzos, suffice it to say that the holy sefarim bring endless praise about the benefit and the merit of Torah Study and Tefillos at these special hours.  

This Kollel Chatzot, which is basically funded by the modest donations of various community members, needs constant and on-going help and financial support. 

This Kollel Chatzos is supported and recommended by many Rabbonim of the neighborhood from across the spectrum, including Rav Davidovich, Rav Kornfeld, Rav Biton, Rav Dinkel, Rav Goldstein, Rav Amsalem and Rav Sharabani, to name a few.

It is a huge zechus to have a chelek in this precious endeavor, and with horaot keva of 20, 30 or 50 NIS per month from various people (which is how it has been largely supported for the past 7 years), the Kollel will be able to continue operating smoothly, and will continue to bring benefit and protection to the entire neighborhood, as well as continue to bring untold zechusim to Klal Yisrael as a whole. 

Anyone wishing to help can call HaRav Naftali at 054-8403580 or email him at  <mailto:bh0548403580 at gmail.com> bh0548403580 at gmail.com

HaRav Naftali speaks only Hebrew.

If anyone needs further info in English, please feel free to contact me, and/or if anyone wants a Horaat Keva form emailed, I can do that as well, and then you can simply bring it into Sapar BaRama, Nachal Dolev 41, from 5PM until 8PM, any evening. 


Or you can just go to Rav Naftali’s website, find out more about this very special Kollel there, and donate via the website.  <http://www.kollelchazot.com/> www.kollelchazot.com 

The Kollel is fully recognized as a charitable donation under Seif 46, and donations can also be made with US Tax receipts.

HaRav Naftali takes Credit Card donations as well.


This is Tzedaka on the highest level, and could do anyone in good stead to add the awesome and tremendous zechus of helping to support the Kollel Chatzos to their personal baskets of mitzvos and maasim tovim. 

Tizku LeMitzvos and Thank you all in advance for your support. 

Peretz Rubel




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