[BS/RBS list] Judaica art from the vault! Other artwork available as well... email for samples

Rafael Aryeh smitty at att.net
Sun Feb 24 10:25:01 EST 2019

  Other artwork available as well, so email me for samples
  Hello to all!I am selling laser cut and regular prints, hot off the press! They are prints of my original judaica art designs.  I have attached pictures of them below.  
IF PHOTOS DO NOT SHOW, please email for me to email you direct.

The one on the left is a regular print (Exclusive run of ONLY 10!).  The design is a Jewish star with ink etching of the Kotel in the center.  The picture on the right is a laser cut print.  Written in calligraphy in the center is "Yerushalayim", and the circle on the bottom contains ink etching of the Tower of David/ Migdal David. (Exclusive run of only 14, 13 are left)  Etching is the art of making a picture using many dots or lines.
This is a great gift idea for a friend/ relative who does not live in Israel, but wants an original piece of art MADE IN ISRAEL or for someone who just wants to hang up something unique in their home that shouts Yerushalayim!
If you are interested and want to know more, you can contact me at this email address smitty at att.net
Hope to hear from you soon!Aidel SmithRBS-A Resident
PS IF PHOTOS DO NOT SHOW, please email for me to email you direct.

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