[BS/RBS list] Fruit Platter Mishloach Manot!

pri hadar prihadarfruits at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 05:29:42 EST 2019

Fruit Platter Mishloach Manot!

This Purim, send a beautiful, refreshing, and healthy fruit platter to your family and friends!

Or order one for your own Seuda!

Surely to be appreciated and enjoyed by all. 

Bursting with sweet seasonal fruit with the option to add a bottle of wine or grape juice. 

Variety of sizes!

Credit Cards Accepted!

Shemesh Phone Advertiser 
RBS Resident
Local Business

Pri Hadar
058-747-4916 (Israel)
646-875-5556 (America)
prihadarfruits at gmail.com

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