[BS/RBS list] Beautify your seforim

Deborah G devorahk at usa.net
Sat Feb 23 14:39:28 EST 2019

Small, local business

No more kleenex, ticket stubs hanging out of your seforim! 

Beautiful, inspirational Jewish photo bookmarks made with original photography
and Torah quotes. 

-25 nis for each set of 10

-Five sets (50 bookmarks) for 100 nis

*Hebrew or English bookmarks available*



-Local pick up also available here in Beit Shemesh. 052.758.6051

Shavuah tov!!!

Deborah Ghedini Krulwich
052.758.6051 not on shabbat or after 10 p.m.

Shavuah tov!!!

Local Small Business

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