[BS/RBS list] Parking tickets in best

lrd lizdav83 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 12:30:44 EST 2019

On friday afternoon I was at best on dolev and as there was no parking I parked on the part of the pavement that connects to the parking. When I came out a guy pulled up in his car and started to give out parking tickets to many cars including myself.  Whilst he was doing that the russian butcher in best came out all happy saying it serves us all right that we got one. Really not a nice way to behave. It wS   Obvious this guy was tipped off as it was after 2 erev shabbos. Whilst I know my ticket is deserved as I should not have parked there it still was upsetting that it happened.  Just be careful erev shabbos where you park. 

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