[BS/RBS list] Reccomendation for the new fruit and vegetable delivery to RBS/BS

Dina Carless dinacarless at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 09:09:16 EST 2019

I cannot reccomend this initiative highly enough. I've been getting for 3
weeks and have been very happy.
The quality is very reasonable, and it's so convenient.
Its really worth giving a try!!
This is the original WhatsApp message that was posted.
I have attached some.photos of what I've received over 3 weeks.

Do chessed while feeding your own family!

Tachlit, a non-profit organization in Jerusalem, sells boxes of fresh
produce, delivered to your door, for a great price.

For every box ordered, a similar one is delivered to a needy family for
What's inside? 12-18 kilos of assorted fruits and vegetables. You don't
choose what is included, but the basics (potatoes, carrots, cucumbers,
tomatoes) are there, plus a mix of other fruits and vegetables that vary
from week to week, for example avocados, beets, fennel, peppers, apples,

There's a waiting list for the free boxes, so they are happy to have a new,
big group of orders in Beit Shemesh.

Eida Charedit hashgacha

How much does it cost? 49 NIS, plus 10 NIS delivery to your door in Beit

When do deliveries come? Tuesday evenings or Wednesday mornings. You don't
need to be home when it arrives because you pre-pay by credit card.

Someone from the organization will call you for payment details.

Do I have to order every week? No. At the beginning of the week, you'll
receive a call from Tachlit asking if you want a delivery on Tuesday.

How do I sign up? Contact Miriam Burstein at 054-252-4014 (WhatsApp
Or call Sarah at Tachlit 02-651-6325, extension 2

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