[BS/RBS list] A New Group is Forming for Cancer Survivors to Run Together in the Jerusalem Marathon....

Dina Yaffa DGYNJOYLIFE at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 20 07:52:02 EST 2019

There are many groups running in the Jerusalem Marathon that  support  cancer patients and survivors, but until now there hasn't been a group of runners made up solely of cancer survivors.

My name is Shimon, 24 years old, had cancer in the past.  I have been running in the Jerusalem Marathon for several years.    I find it inspiring for cancer survivors in good physical shape to run together in the marathon as a group to share the message to choose life.

The  Choose Life Group will be running the 10K ( 10 kilometer) at the upcoming Jerusalem Marathon (15/03/19), and as noted, all of the runners are cancer survivors.  We are still looking for more participants and also people that would like to support this new and exciting group.   Please look at the link below and be in touch by email Shimonyaffa at gmail.com<mailto:Shimonyaffa at gmail.com> or phone 0532864207  if you'd like to participate in some way.


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