[BS/RBS list] Positive Rec for Netzach Yisroel school in BS

Ariel-Sara Gerowitz arielsarag at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 06:01:30 EST 2019

Whoever is on the fence on what school to register for, see the amazingness
from the founder of Netzach Yisroel - To all you wonderful parents of our
fabulous NY talmidim.
Im probably just having a wierd 'moment' (!) but  keep feeling when i daven
for my kids, i want also to be davening for ALL our kids. It feels that our
school was such a parent communal enterprise from its very inception and we
are so in this wonderful children thing together.. I wanted to share smthg
more, something meaningful.  Id like to post a link to a netzach group to
run into the future years for us to be able to keep saying constant
consecutive tehillim, day or night, whenever occurs to any of us, WITHOUT
any pressure..as a zchus for the wholesome development of our children,our
families, our staff and their families and ..that we should all only have
and give nachas.
When we finish the sefer(150) the person who finishes the sefer, writes
and says 150, then yehi ratzon and then we start again. Whenever u have a
few mins pls just write in and continue the sefer tehillim.
I guess if ever a family has someone in particular to daven for they can
also put in the name and know that we are sharing their tefillo.


Ariel-Sara (Gerowitz) Feingold
Arielsarag at gmail.com

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