[BS/RBS list] Great Shiur Saturday night Rabbi Aryeh Klapper

Miriam Zussman (JENNISON ASSOCIATES) mirzz at bloomberg.net
Wed Feb 20 00:22:33 EST 2019

"Who is Eligible for Smicha and Why"                                                                                                                            Saturday night February 23                                                      20:15  at 16 Shimon                                                             Refreshments will be served if possible polease RSVP to this email.  Many thanks                                                                                                                                  
Maimonides excludes a wide variety of Jews from semikhah, among them converts, 
monarchs, women, and more. Rabbi Yosef Dov Soloveitchik nonetheless argues that 
there is a form of semikhah, including eligibility for the Sanhedrin, which is 
open to everyone.  The shiur will integrate the Rav's Talmudic commentary and 
philosophic writings to explain how and why he does this.
                                                                            Rabbi Aryeh Klapper ia a musmach  of REITS and is Dean of the Center for Modern 
Torah Leadership, which brings rigorous traditional scholarship, 
interdisciplinary openness, and a deeply humanist understanding of halakhah to 
every aspect of Jewish and public life.  CMTL develops present and future 
Modern Orthodox leaders, male and female, through unique programs of intense 
Talmud Torah that catalyze intellectual creativity and educational innovation.  
He is a cofounder of the Boston Agunah Task Force and serves as Senior Dayan on 
the Boston Beit Din.

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