ShemeshPhone Directory sales at shemesh.co.il
Tue Feb 19 06:16:38 EST 2019

Free advertising on Shemesh-List, which goes to over 4500
English-speaking subscribers is limited to Sundays ONLY and is an
added benefit for ShemeshPhone advertisers.(FREE AD Sunday is a 2000
nis yearly value for our ShemeshPhone customers).You qualify for FREE
AD SUNDAY if you are either a ShemeshPhone advertiser (minimum ad
applies)or a small business, service or organization in Bet Shemesh
that does not pay for advertising in any other venue (weekly
magazines, flyers, posters etc.) If you qualify for FREE AD SUNDAY
according to the above rules, please write “local small business” or
“ShemeshPhone advertiser” on the bottom of your email to ensure that
your posting will be accepted.

This is a community service, provided by Shemesh Media to help small
businesses grow until they are large enough to have an advertising

Each business is allowed one posting per FREE AD SUNDAY. FREE AD
SUNDAY postings must be received by list at shemesh.co.il anytime from
Tzet Shabbat through 11pm Sunday night. All postings received after
11pm will be automatically discarded (no exceptions). Send your post

If you would like to post on the BS/RBS email list but you do not fall
into either of the above two categories, or if you would like to post
on a different day of the week, please contact sales at shemesh.co.il to
receive pricing information. A package of ten emails can be purchased
for as little as 400 nis.


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