[BS/RBS list] New Beit Shemesh Leumit website!

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Tue Feb 19 03:02:08 EST 2019

>>>>> LPF 28/30
Leumit Health services is proud to announce the upgrade of our Beit Shemesh  website . Www.rbsmedical.com
Come check out our services and recent articles that our physicians have written in various English speaking magazines like Connections, Mishpacha and others 
>>>>>>>>>> In addition , Leumit Health Services would like to remind the Beit Shemesh community that March  15 is the last day to change kupat cholim for this time period. (Olim can change as well!) 
>>>>> In addition , Leumit  is proud to announce the opening of our Mind-Body Pain Clinic. Run by Dr. Tzipora Wolff the clinic offers a personalized cognitive training seminar for elimination of chronic pain.
>>>>> Based on the work of American pioneers of clinical neuroplasticity- Dr. John Sarno, Dr. Howard Shubiner, Dr. Michael Moskowitz and others, thousands have been helped with this method in the USA . This approach is strongly supported  by the medical literature
>>>>> It is appropriate  for many conditions which manifest in chronic pain including back pain, neck pain, abdominal pain, headaches, sciatica, IBS, Interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia and others. 
>>>>> The appointment is 45 minutes and  includes history, physical exam and a cognitive training seminar.
>>>>> Please call Dr. Tzipora Wolff at Tzeelim 02-9669444prior to making appointment.
>>>>> Please contact Rivka Ginsberg at 0509955148 for more information on how to join Leumit today ! 

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