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Bethia Rubinstein bethiaruby at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 09:59:04 EST 2019

Shavua Tov!

What do you call someone who comes to your home, cleans out your child's
lice with only natural products whilst keeping the atmosphere light, stress
free and with the use of fun age appropriate toys and activities?

Bethia Licebuster!

Natural products only.
Home visits.
Fun activities.
Bringing calm to the home.
Discretion assured.

Give me a call today!

BethiaLicebuster - 0504910614

Bethia Rubinstein
Cell: 0504-910-614
e mail: bethiaruby at gmail.com
'A clean head for a clear mind'

“Bethia comes fast and timely giving service in your own home. Takes the
headache away from you and smiles the whole way through."

I highly recommend Bethia's "Lice Busters" services!!!!!  She came to my
house on erev chag and spent almost all day dealing with a lice problem.
She has tons of patience, is extremely thorough and uses all natural
products!!!  Ruchama Prager

I would like to highly recommend Bethia for her lice buster services. I
called her and she was in my house that same day for an assessment and
returned the following day for removal. She uses only natural ingredients
and was extremely patient and gentle. She got rid of all of my lice and had
very helpful tips for prevention for me and my whole family.
Bet Shemesh Resident,

Last year I struggled terribly as my two year old son seemed to attract
lice constantly. When I say last year I mean the majority of the year as we
only recently cut his hair. I was overwhelmed. I tried every store bought
product as well as diy at home remedies. But no matter the technique the
bugs always came back. I knew there was something I was missing.

Before I was ready to give up and give my son an early upshern I called
Bethia Rubinstein.  She listened to my situation over the phone, gave a
couple of solutions and offered to take a look at my son's hair to see if
she could help. She had me block off the morning and gave me clear
instructions to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

Yes, at the end of the day his hair was clean. But it doesn't end there and
we all know that. But she helped me understand the technique with an easy
hands on approach.  She truly cared about our situation even if it meant
answering my numerous questions. After she left it was all up to me but I
suddenly felt in control and more importantly confident that I was doing
the right thing.

I couldn't in my right mind refer Bethia until the lice saga was over and
now that his hair is finally cut I feel it's time to send her a shout out.
If you're looking for someone to professionally and reliably remove lice
and nits, I HIGHLY recommend Bethia Rubinstein and urge you to wait no
longer.  She's worth it!!! (0504910614)

Shayna Roth
RBS Resident

If you need help or advice, please call me today.

Bethia Rubinstein
Cell: +972 (0) 504-910-604
e mail: bethiaruby at gmail.com

'A clean head means a clear mind'

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