[BS/RBS list] For the most beautiful Fruit Platters- Pri Hadar

pri hadar prihadarfruits at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 07:34:04 EST 2019

For the most beautiful Fruit Platters- 
there's only one place to call:
Pri Hadar!

For your next simcha- offer your guests delicious, freshly cut fruit that will totally enhance your buffet.....

Bring a platter to your hosts as a thank you for their hospitality.....

Send to a friend to share in their special occasion....

Or order a platter for your own Shabbat or Chag and enjoy the sweetest, most beautiful dessert.

No matter the reason, everyone appreciates and enjoys a platter from Pri Hadar!

For pictures and prices,
contact Pri Hadar today!!!
Credit Cards Accepted

Shemesh Phone Advertiser 
RBS Resident
Local Business

Pri Hadar
058-747-4916 (Israel)
646-875-5556 (America)
prihadarfruits at gmail.com

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