[BS/RBS list] Shimshi The 2nd at the Shemeshop

Heidi Heidi at lemaanachai.org
Sun Feb 17 05:15:17 EST 2019

Come Meet Shimshi The 2nd at the Shemeshop. Congratulations to 9yr old Batya
Shindler for naming our new mannequin and winning a 50 shekels gift
certificate to the Shemeshop.

Hrs: Sun, Tues, Thurs - 10-12 & Mon, Tues, Wed - 5-7pm.

Located at Matnas Gvanim, 
16 Dolev, 2nd floor. 

Open to everyone.


Heidi Bergenfeld

Chana Pasternak z''l Programs and Volunteers Director

Lema'an Achai


היידי ברגנפלד

מנהלת מתנדבים ופרוייקטים ע"ש חנה פסטרנק ז"ל

למען אחי



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