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Shalom Chaverim!
First -  a reminder…..*Thursday 16th Adar  - 21.2.19 – 17.30 –
" A Musical Adventure in a Yellow Submarine"
(Yes – you guessed! – The Beatles!)
The Bama Orchestra with  the Uma Guma band.
A family concert with a captain, sailors… and the best of the Beatles!!

And now – to March!

*Motzaei Shabbat  -25TH Adar – 2.3.19 – 21.00
Orna Banai and Lital Shwartz – together!
Get ready for some good laughs!
* Tuesday 28th Adar – 5.3.19 – 20.30
"Enemy of the People" – Henrik Ibsen – The Kameri Theatre.
A young idealistic doctor wants to save his town from severe water pollution, but comes up against his brother, the mayor, and the economic interests….
*Thursday 30th Adar – 7.3.19 – 17.30
" Binyamin MiTudela's Journys" - An Andalusion celebration!"
A family concert: the Bama Orchestra, with the "paytan" Manny Cohen and the language "guru" Asaf Ashtar!
*Motzaei Shabbat – 2nd   Adar Bet – 9.3.19 – 21.00
" Halakim MeHanigun" – Bneya Barbi
Musician, writer, composer, with a variety of instruments
His well known songs : " Emuna" and "Geula" . Fascinating and moving….
*Wednesday  -20th Adar Bet – 27.3.19 – 17.30
"Adraba" – "Mayumana" for the whole family!
Unbelievable objects become drums!
Interactive , gets everyone laughing and taking part!

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Simcha Selhav
And the team at Hechal Hatarbut Matte Yehuda on Kibbutz Tzora

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