[BS/RBS list] Next Greybeard (55+) Day Trip is Monday, March 11...please join us

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Sun Feb 17 01:56:58 EST 2019

*The Greybeard Experience*
invites you to join us
as we go behind the scenes to

*United Hatzahah*
  * Yad Sarah*

         followed by

*Dinner at Lechem Basar*

in Yerushalayim

*Monday, March 11, 2019*


The Greybeard Experience has been invited to a special presentation and
visit to the headquarters and communication center of this amazing,
life-saving organization. During our visit, we will

    * view a audio-visual presentation to appreciate the day-to-day
operations of United Hatzalah
    * visit the national dispatch center
    * participate in an interactive life-saving skills
    * hear from one of Hatzalah's IT specialists about their innovative
    * learn about United Hatzalah's psychotrauma unit
    * And the "icing on the cake" will be the opportunity to meet with and
hear from Eli Beer, Founder of Hatzalah. His story is amazing and

*           Followed by...........................*


Yad Sarah is Israel's largest volunteer-staffed organization, providing a
vital array of compassionate health and home care support services for
people of all ages. Yad Sarah's free services are delivered in more than
100 branches by over 6,000 volunteers.

This humanitarian organization provides services to all without regard to
race, political or religious affiliation, socioeconomic status. Although
the organization is best-known for its extensive lending service for
medical equipment, volunteers also advocate for older adults at-risk for
abuse, drive people with special needs to medical appointments, school or
work in our wheelchair-accessible vans, reach out to the home-bound and
staff our day rehabilitation programs as well as our play center for
children with special needs. More than 400,000 people use Yad Sarah
services annually.

        *      Followed by...........................*

* Dinner at Lechem Basar in Yerushalayim*

Lechem Basar, located at the old train station, is a favorite to many and
has the reputation of being one of Yerushalayim's best restaurants. We will
be served a variety of wonderful fleishig offerings, as well as a fish
option. Lechem Basar is under the supervision of Rav Machpud.

*Trip Details:*

    * The bus will leave RBS at 11:30 AM from in front of the matnas on
Nachal Dolev.
    * We hope to be back in RBS around 8:00 PM.
    * Our Jerusalem participants are welcome to join us at Hatzalah
Headquarters (across from Center One) at 12:15 and take the bus between
    * The cost is 290 NIS per person (includes bus, fees, and dinner)

*For more information or to register, contact us at Greybeards613 at gmail.com
<Greybeards613 at gmail.com>*

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