[BS/RBS list] amazing new baked goods in town

Riva Pomerantz joelriva at 013net.net
Sat Feb 16 13:40:02 EST 2019

A friend of mine, Penina Sallam, who is a trained pastry chef, is now
offering her mouth-watering baked goods for Shabbos, simchas, mishloach
manos, or just because. 


Regular or whole-wheat pastries, challos, babke, pies, petit-fours, and the
most amazing Napoleon (Kremschnit) that we just sampled this Shabbos. She
takes orders and is the sweetest person to deal with. Even better, you will
be ordering from a brand new oleh from France! 


Call Penina at 0504174026. English, Hebrew, and French speaker. 


Delivery available!



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