[BS/RBS list] For sale in RBS: Decorative AirStone faux stone (new in box)

Tracy Rosenstein tracy at tali.com
Sat Feb 16 12:33:57 EST 2019


We brought over three boxes of decorative faux stone called AirStone Autumn
Mountain (a total of 24 sq. ft. /  2.2 sq. meters). We won't be using them
and would like to sell them (they are brand new, in their original boxes, in
a machsan here in RBS). We are also including the adhesive material used to
install them. 


For details and photos:




They cost us around NIS 900 ($180 for the tiles themselves, not including
costs of the adhesive, sales tax or shipping to Israel).


NIS 700 would probably be a fair price for all of it, but feel free to make
a lower offer.


Call Mavis at 055-924-2722.


Shavua tov,


RBS Resident and RBS Alef homeowner

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