[BS/RBS list] Rebbetzen Dina Hurwitz is back in Town!!

Sheina C sheinac at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 16:12:38 EST 2019

Rabbi Yitzi and Dina Hurwitz, Chabad Shluchim for over 20 years, live in LA
with their 7 children.  Rabbi Yitzi, 5 years living with ALS, still manages
to smile with his eyes as he "writes" a Dvar  Torah on his special
computer. Through their unexpected journey, Dina has given hope and faith
to her family as well as to thousands all over the world.  She is a
testament to the strength of the human spirit!
Dina (I am lucky to call my daughter) will be speaking in Ramat Bet Shemesh
this coming Monday, 8 pm at Kehillat Ahavat Tzion. 2 Timna, RBS◊ź.
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*Sheina Carlebach Guttman*

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