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hershon rivka rivka.hershon at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 13:52:46 EST 2019

Shoshana,  thank you for your unending patience, professionality,
creativity and willingness to work under pretty extreme time
contraints. I can't believe you produced several options , all of them
oozing creativity and totally reflecting what my line of work is all

רבקה רדונסקי, קלינאית תקשורת
מכון יוזמה, נחל דולב 40/4 רמת בית שמש א'
מאבחן ומטפל בכל הגלאים ב:
קשיי שפה , הגייה, קול (צרידות), שטף (גמגום או דיבור חטוף)

rivka.radonsky at gmail.com
Rivka Radonsky, SLP
Machon Yozma
Evaluating & treating infants, children and adults for speech,
language, fluency,  voice  and communication disorders..
Nachal Dolev 40/4
Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph
rivka.radonsky at gmail.com

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